Opportunities in new building?

The new building is becoming better and better insulated. Accordingly, energy is required less and less for heating. Why then install huge systems, which also must be regularly maintained? Lofec is the smart solution for new buildings. As a maintenance-free heating system, it can be used either as a wall, ceiling, or underfloor heating. Thanks to our central control, the space requirement is maximum of 0.3m². Of course, the Lofec central control is compatible with almost all control types such as Smarthome, KNX.

New building. Make it easy.

Only 0.5mm thin... In the renovation often THE reason for the Lofec Heating Film.

2 Kg underfloor heating for 140m²... This is possible with our extremely lightweight Lofec G24V heating system.

Maintenance-free not only this year. The Lofec Heating Film is maintenance-free for decades. No hidden costs.


Independence of fossil fuels

Right now, it is important not only to think in the short term when buying a property. Heating is one of the expensive investments in new construction. With the Lofec Heating Film combined with photovoltaics and an electricity storage system, you can operate your own home up to 90% self-sufficiently. Make yourselves independent of oil and gas! Maintenance-free security for your home. At Lofec you will receive information about processors, manufacturers or retailers who can supply you with an overall system and install it.

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Radiant heat

Heat radiation from the area of infrared heat should be known to everyone. We know the feeling of heat radiation from the sun. The sun warms up the bodies on which it shines. These absorb the energy and heat up. The air temperature does not play a major role here. Surfaces heat up almost independently of the air temperature. This type of heating has been used for thousands of years. Fireplaces, oven, and tiled stoves also generate radiant heat. With the Lofec Heating Film you get the sun into your house...

Convection (air circulation)

Everyone still knows it from school. Warm air rises to the top... Not only that, air is an extremely poor source of energy. Air cools down very quickly or air leaves the room through every small gap. Elaborately heated air is simply replaced during ventilation.

Investment heating incl. installation (Heating system & heat distribution)
Detached house 140 m², EnEV 50W/m²

In most cases, the investment costs for a Lofec Heating Film are significantly lower than the costs for comparable other heating systems. An advantage here is also the very fast processing time.

Consumption costs in percent
Detached house 140 m², EnEV 50W/m²

The ever more-increasing oil and gas prices make it clear how important the path to self-sufficiency is. In the overall view, Lofec is also ahead here

Co2 emissions by type of heating
Detached house 140 m², EnEV 50W/m²

Especially in today's world an important factor. Operated with green electricity a real game changer. In the production of our plants, we also have around a tenth less grey energy (CO²) that is generated.


From the small bathroom to the children's room. Whether it is the winter garden or the historic building. Vacancy renovation in residential construction or the new building for the young family. Our references show a few examples of over 4,000 realized projects.