Kirche Molmerswende

Church Molmerswende

In Molmerswende, a small village in the Mansfelder Land, there is a small half-timbered church. Together with the neighbouring former rectory, it forms an idyllic ensemble of buildings with a park-like garden area that is used for cultural events. The rectory, which is now used as a museum, is the birthplace of Gottfried-August Bürger - the German poet from the Sturm- und Drang period. His most famous work is probably the "Adventures of Baron of Münchhausen".

In 2016, Planungsring Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH planned the modernization of the interiors, in particular the administration room and the community space, including the adjoining rooms. It quickly became clear that there were several problems. These could be solved with the Lofec Heating Film.

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Kirche Molmerswende Außenansicht
Kirche Molmerswende Boden
Kirche Molmerswende Wand

Lofec as floor-/ wall-/ ceiling heating film

In the optionally expandable administration room, we realized an underfloor heating with tiles. Here the requirement was to achieve a minimum installation height. With the Lofec Heating Film and a material thickness of only 0.5mm, this problem could be solved.

The adjoining rooms, such as the toilets, have been installed with a ceiling heating on a suspended drywall construction with plasterboard. The wide range of possible applications of Lofec Heating Film was convincing in this project.

In the community room you could not install underfloor heating, because here was a very old and freshly prepared parquet. The ceiling height was more than 8.5m ceiling height, so that wasn't an option either. The Lofec Heating FIlm was applied as a wall heating on an interior insulation made of calcium-silicate panels. On the long sides, partly under the windows, with a total power of 2850 watts, we also got this room warm.

Installation plan