Sustainability. And what the CO2 backpack has to do with it.

Sustainability, no term is and has been strained in recent years. Everything seems sustainable today. The construction industry generates about 38% of CO2 emissions each year.

Source: architects for future

Minimal use of materials

With only 120g/m² and a construction height of 0.5mm, the Lofec Heating Film is one of the thinnest and most efficient heating systems in the construction industry. With about 90% less material input compared to conventional heating systems or heat pumps, Lofec clearly stays ahead here.

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Comparison of CO² in production

The comparison with a heat pump and a water-guided underfloor heating shows an interesting picture.

Base: Detached house KfW55, 140m²

For us, real sustainability means establishing a heating system in the market that is manufactured with minimal material consumption (the lowest CO2 backpack). In other words, the value that indicates the "grey energy" which is generated during the production of a product.

For us, true sustainability also means that the heat is emitted quickly and efficiently. While a heat pump takes hours to heat the floor area, the Lofec Heating Film develops the comfortable floor heat within a very short time, room by room. While a heat pump has to be maintained and exchanged after an average of 15-20 years, the Lofec Heating Film works absolutely maintenance-free, without wear, without abrasion. For us, this is also a sign of true sustainability.

Lofec GmbH is also the first heating manufacturer ever to be climate-neutral certified since January 2022.

Cradle to Cradle

Lofec GmbH offers possibilities to install the Lofec Heating Film in such a way that it can be 100% dismantled again.

Saving energy, being abstinent, making production processes more efficient and less harmful. In this context, the Cradle-to-Cradle design concept plays a decisive role. It defines a system for the manufacture of products and industrial processes that makes it possible to keep materials as "nutrients" in closed cycles. Materials of products that are optimized for biological cycles serve as biological nutrients and can enter the environment without hesitation. Materials of products designed for closed technical circuits serve as technical nutrients (e.g., metals and various polymers). These materials should not get into biological cycles.

The Lofec Heating Film system installed as a floating construction. This variant for example can be completely dismantled for example a conversion. Since the entire floor structure is built up floating, all materials can be absorbed again.

An alternative to underfloor heating is wall and ceiling heating. If these are embedded in clay or clay spatulas, these can also be removed from the wall later by using water.


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