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The most beautiful thing in the craft is the processing of materials that later either decoratively impress or have a fascinating function. With the Lofec Heating Film you can have both, because Lofec design meets function. Process the heating film as wall or ceiling heating with painter's fleece and apply a colorful final coat. You can also get creative and coat our wafer-thin heating film with a trendy lime or clay plaster – or you can glue a high-quality wall covering. On the floor, you can use the approvals of the flooring manufacturers and lay beautiful, warm floors with parquet, design floors, laminate, or micro cement. We can't decide what you do, but we can guarantee you the WOW effect in any case!

Easy to install

If you can reinforce, then you can also use Lofec.

On almost all surfaces

Safe with installation recommendations from our industrial partners.

The 1st with admission

The world's first electric heating film with approval from flooring manufacturers in the parquet, laminate and LVT sectors.

Floor installation

With the glued version of the Lofec Heating Film, the G24V, the heating film is filled in over the entire surface. Floor coverings that are glued such as parquet, LVT (vinyl), Lino or seamless coating systems can be used with this version. It is important to ensure that the specifications from the manufacturer-dependent assembly recommendations are adhered to.

Floor installation with insulation

In the case of bad or not insulated surfaces, insulation/thermal decoupling is absolute necessary! The insulation panels have a dimension of 1000mm x 600mm and a thickness of 4mm or 9mm. They have a pressure stability of 11N/mm².

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Floating floor installation

Floating installation of floor construction as laminate, parquet (3-layer) or jumpax are combined with a floating Heating Film (N24V). Here, the Heating Film is placed on the impact sound insulation (minimum thick-ness 3mm) and the surface finish is then placed on the Heating Film.

Installation in wet area

When installing in wet areas, waterproofing is absolute necessary. The waterproofing layer must be above the Lofec Heating Film. It doesn´t matter if you use liquid waterproofing systems, mineral waterproofing slurry, or waterproofing membranes. A professional and standard-compliant installation is provided.

Wall & ceiling installation

While installing wall and ceiling heating (G24V), the Lofec Heating Film is embedded in the wall filler. The selection of the suitable filler must be matched to the subfloor and the application. In the construction recommendations of our industrial partners, you will find gypsum, lime, or white cement-based materials.

Floor installation with Easy Fix

The new Lofec Easy Fix Heating Film for installation on the floor can be used as an additional heating system and as a full-fledged heating system. Thanks to the self-adhesive equipment on the back, it can be installed even faster and easier. An employee can install up to 60 m2/h. A standard-compliant substrate with a precoat/ primer is sufficient for bonding the new Lofec Easy Fix.

Wall & Ceiling installation with Easy Fix

Wafer-thin and easier to install than ever... The Lofec Easy Fix can be used as a wall or ceiling heater on all primed surfaces. Because of the significantly larger perforation (hole pattern), the final strength is created by penetrating the filler to the substrate. The Lofec Easy Fix can then be revised and designed as desired.

Exactly your thing!

Your opportunity to open a completely new field of business.

Great cinema.

Here you can watch a processing video about wall and ceiling heating. Together with our industrial partner Pufas, there is also a practical guide to match the video.

A picture says more than 1000 words

Even if now a few words come you can see here immediately what to do and how easy the installation of the Lofec Heating Film on the floor is.


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