Future Electricity

Everyone can produce and consume electricity today

Whether as a tenant with a photovoltaic balcony power plant or in your own home with photovoltaics on the roof or the façade, wind turbine and / or battery storage. Electricity has become democratic, is available in inexhaustible abundance and has the highest efficiency. Also in this segment, Lofec GmbH is sending the right signals for your best source of electricity, the sun, and the wind, with the KfW promotional programme developed by us. Because there is nothing better than converting self-produced solar and wind power economically and quickly into heat.

Further starting points for increasing system flexibility are load management and the storage of electricity. Load management makes it possible to minimize peak loads in situations where the load significantly exceeds the feed-in from renewable energies by shifting time or shutting down non-critical power applications and shifting consumption to situations where the feed-in from renewable energies exceeds the load. 18 Additional electricity storage systems are required on a larger scale in the medium to long term with increasing shares of wind and solar energy.

V2H = Vehicle to HOME

The next milestone

From the beginning of 2023, VW will be one of the largest car manufacturers in the world to launch bi-directional wall boxes on the market, i.e., e-cars can then not only store the electricity from the PV of the roof, but also deliver the electricity to the house in the evening or during the day.

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The sun gives us around 1,000 kWh per m² in Germany.

Source: German Weather Service

In addition, production and energy generation is decentral possible, balcony power plants or mini solar systems can also be used in small homes. More and more possibilities are emerging, producing electricity now and in the future and using it sensibly.

Decentralized power generation through balcony power plants

Protect the climate and reduce your own electricity costs

With a balcony power plant, anyone who has a balcony or terrace can make their own personal contribution to the energy revolution. A balcony power plant is a mini solar system that is connected to the power grid of the house or apartment with a plug. The produced electricity can be used directly for your own needs.

Time changes

Protect the climate and reduce your own electricity costs

The German government has decided to use 40 to 45 percent from renewable energies as an energy source for electricity generation by the year 2025. By 2030, this share should rise to 65 percent. Worldwide, a massive restructuring of the economy and the energy supply towards a full supply of renewable energies and getting away from oil, gas and nuclear power is in progress, because no energy is cheaper to produce than electricity from wind power and photovoltaics. Grid stability and security of supply are central requirements for the further expansion of renewable energies. For a secure power supply, supply and demand must be constantly balanced. Since high shares of supply-dependent energies reduce the supply-side potential for adapting to demand, the expansion of renewable energies requires greater system flexibility in the rest of the power supply system.


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