Arkus Kindergarten Amorbach

The biggest project of Lofec GmbH, Lofec Heating Film was used as underfloor heating in a kindergarten. The special thing about this building is the construction. The entire complex was manufactured in modular construction. The company FAGSI, based in Morsbach near Cologne, is a specialist in the field of module and container construction. Together with the painter Norbert Wagner GmbH, the project was realized in Amorbach near Neckarsulm. The painter Norbert Wagner is known for its "special" projects. So, the challenge for the electric heating film was there, but not a big obstacle for the team of the painting company. The entire construction chemicals, in this case several trucks, were supplied by Mapei Germany. The wholesaler for these materials was the company W. & L. Jordan GmbH from Neuwied.

As a substructure, FAGSI had already equipped the containers with an insulating wool as intermediate insulation and a 40mm PU insulation layer and a 19mm plywood panel. After priming, the Lofec Heating Film was put on and over-filled. After another intermediate priming, a cementitious compensating compound was produced at a height of 5mm.

Heating films with a heating capacity of 60W/m² have been installed throughout the property. A total of more than 1800m heating film divided into about 580 individual heating films in three construction phases. The junction boxes for the conversion from 230V to 24V were all accommodated in the suspended grid ceilings. For example, the cable paths between the heating film and the junction box were relatively small and the installation in the ceiling construction was a safe place against children's hands. The system is controlled by a KNX control system that was provided on site and installed by an electrical company.

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Lofec as floor heating

1300 m² laid with Lofec

As the only approved electric heating film for linoleum floor coverings, Lofec has the advantage of and thus receive the order. Very homogeneous heat distribution and the limitation of surface temperature makes the system extremely safe.

Protected from curious children's hands is the electrical installation of the Lofec Heating Film in the suspended ceiling construction.