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In the renovation of floors and living areas, the installation height is an important topic, and in the old building additionally the weight. Also, with a low installation heigh there can still be realized a floor heating without pulling out the existing screed - it is also a significant advantage that there is no loss of space. The weight of the Lofec Heating Film does not play a role in the subsequent expansion of an attic. Only 120g/m² is not a static problem – other heating systems often have much more weight. Ultimately, the Lofec Heating Film is the perfect solution for all areas in which you can otherwise only find a solution with a lot of effort.

Renovation. Make it easy.

The Lofec Heating Film is a real all-rounder in renovation. No matter if it is a core renovation with change of the heating system, a mold remediation, or the retrofit of an underfloor heating.

Only 0.5mm thin... In the renovation often THE reason for the Lofec Heating Film.

12 Kg underfloor heating for 140m²... This is possible with our extremely lightweight Lofec G24V heating system.

Maintenance-free not only this year. The Lofec Heating Film is maintenance-free for decades. No hidden costs.

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The lightweight in the industry

It couldn't be easier! 120g/m² for a heating system is really a novelty. Especially in the renovation of old buildings, in timber construction or in timber frame construction, weight plays a major role. With the Lofec Heating Film with only 120g/m² there are no static problems. However, light also means that very little material is used, which in turn protects the material cycle and the environment. An example: The Lofec Hating Film as underfloor heating for a 140m² single-family house has a total weight of less than 10 kg.

Thin as a sheet of paper

With an installation height of only 0.5mm, the Lofec Heating Film is one of the thinnest heating systems on the market. Perfect in the renovation of old buildings or in the modernization of existing buildings. With this minimal installation height, they can be applied to old, existing floor structures without losing room height. Even as wall or ceiling heating, there is almost no loss of space. With modern floor coverings such as seamless floor coatings (micro cement) or vinyl floors, the total installation height is often less than 1 cm.

Mold remediation

In the field of mold remediation, Lofec is a solution to all problems in building physics. Lofec Heating Film can be used selectively if there is a thermal bridge as a damage or a problem at the building structure. No matter if it is the entire external wall, or just the small corner behind the sofa. Selectively and with little effort, we can offer solutions.

The slim version

The Lofec Heating Film is also available as a slim version for the use in mold remediation. Ideally used on window embrasures or in the base area. With a size of only 17cm, it fits everywhere were the 60cm wide version of the Lofec Heating Film is maybe too big.

When time matters

In contrast to other solutions in mold remediation, Lofec is the much faster variant. It is not always necessary to make the whole wall, even the use of ceiling wedges is not necessary. The only 0.5mm thin Heating Film can be processed selectively and then revised as desired.

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