Vonovia Sanierung

Vonovia Vacancy-Renovation 2WE

At the Vonovia SE site in Kiel, an extension of a residential complex was renovated. Vonovia has a special opportunity for sustainable development wherever we have larger connected housing stocks. In such districts, we have the opportunity to shape both structurally and socially. This is accompanied by a special responsibility and the requirement to work in partnership with the other actors of urban society. Because the development of entire districts is a joint effort of many people and stakeholders. Thereby, we want to live up to our claim to contribute cooperatively to helping to shape our districts as diverse, open, and livable identification spaces.

In the two residential units between 60m² and 85m², the Lofec Heating Film was implemented as a full-fledged heating system in the form of underfloor heating. The fast installation within a few days, the low installation height, and the freedom from maintenance for years were the significant facts for the system of Lofec GmbH. Further Vonovia projects in Kiel, Leipzig, Cologne and Berlin were realized after this first pilot project.

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Floor heating in just 5 days

Maintenance-free Lofec Heating Film in the rented apartment

The Lofec Heating Film with a heating capacity of 110W/m² can be used as additional heating or, like in this project, as a full heating system (sole heating system). Due to the low installation height and the fact that there is little ground above the heating system, the heat is felt extreme quickly.

A vinyl (LVT) was laid as the floor covering. The Lofec Heating Film has the approval of the flooring manufacturers for this.

Octopus central control system

In this project, the Octopus central control system of Lofec GmbH is placed in the technical room in the basement below the residential units. Modern technology, maintenance-free and long-lasting.