Wasserturm Hotel

Hotel water tower - Bad Segeberg

He once provided the daily water supply in Bad Segeberg, since June 2020 the more than one hundred-year-old landmark of the city invites you to slow down in a historic ambience: The 35-meter-high water tower on the Karlberg has undergone a spectacular transformation into an apart-hotel on six levels. High-quality, individual, and always in line with the history of the brick tower, attractive accommodation options have been created here in the immediate vicinity of the popular Karl May Games. With six stylish and natural furnished rooms, the extraordinary hotel can accommodate up to 12 people all year round.

Each room in the water tower is equipped with a private bathroom, a pantry kitchen, and a large double bed. If you look out of the windows, you will be rewarded with an incomparable view of the city. A special highlight is the top floor: Here in the duplex suite, you can not only enjoy the great view, but also look straight from the bed to the top of the tower. All floors of the hotel are accessible by lift.

The customer's requirement was to use seamless coating systems as decorative floor coverings in the bathrooms of the water tower hotel. Our very thin heating film G24V110 should be used in combination with the seamless design floor. The Lofec Heating Film is used as a full-fledged heating system. Comfortable radiant heat is available at the push of a button. Due to the operation with safe low-voltage technology, the installation of the Lofec Heating Film is also possible in showers or wet rooms.

The heating system of Lofec GmbH not only has the advantage of the installation height and the radiant heat in this project, but also the low basis weight of only 120g/m² played an important role in the construction of the water tower hotel.

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